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    If You Can Afford To Rent, You Can Afford To Buy.

    If your dream is to own a home, and the only thing stopping you is the down payment, we have you covered. Our Zero Down initiative is spearheaded by our very own Jim Graf. Who has simplified the process to access down payment programs that will cover all or most of your money down requirements and closing costs. Let's start your journey to homeownership.

    Get Started

    We match you with the best program for your qualifications & financial situation.

    You get to buy the home of your dreams with no money down.

    You get to enjoy the comfort of owning your own home.

    Here's Why This Program Is Special

    1. Options

    There are 20x more homes for sale on the market than listed for rent. Buying is a more viable option.

    2. A Path to Own

    You can afford the mortgage. The money down was the issue. But not any more. You can buy with zero down.

    3. Save Money

    By buying a home instead of renting, you can actually stop throwing away money, and have an asset.

    The Zero Down Process

    Step 1. We get you approved

    We will ensure you meet the requirements of the program. Have you fill out the required paperwork and get everything submitted.

    Step 2. We go home shopping

    Once approved, you will work with one of our agents and find 1-5 homes that are in your desired area and desired budget.

    Step 3. We close the deal

    Once you pick your favorite, we will get you under contract. You will pay nothing down and little to no closing costs.

    FAQ's and Program Requirements

    This is a flexible program designed to help more people become homeowners. Moving, or even the threat of moving every 12 months, is hard and scary. Our program allows you to buy a home with little to no money down.

    What are the qualifications?
    How do I apply?
    What are the fees?
    Can I live anywhere?

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