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    Buying A Home Is An Adventure. Let Us Lead The Way.

    We get it. Buying a house is exciting, stressful, and scary all at the same time. We have been helping people buy homes in Tampa Bay for over 25 years. Let us use our expertise to streamline the process for you.

    Get Started

    Our Buying Process

    Step 1. We get you pre-approved

    Before we do anything, we need to get you approved. This tells you and us what our true options are. Getting excited about homes that are out of your budget doesn't do anyone any good. 

    Step 2. We narrow it down

    Home search can be overwhelming. We narrow the areas down based on your wants and needs and simplify the process. We then find 3-5 homes that fit your budget and desired area.

    Step 3. We go and explore

    Once we have it narrowed down, we go and see each one and pick the one that is perfect for you. From there we use our expertise to get you the best deal possible while making the entire process seamless and transparent. 

    We represent YOU, not the transaction.

    We offer our buyers single agency.This means we represent YOU and not the transaction. Isn't that what every real estate agent does? NO. Most agents are what's called Transaction Brokers. This means they represent the transaction NOT YOU. This matters. Click each below to understand the difference.  

    Single Agency
    Transaction Broker

    * please note that we can't ALWAYS offer single agency. If we ( our agent or brokerage) is representing both the buyer and seller we must operate as transaction brokers.

    During an average work day, we perform 1 transactions every 15 minutes. When this counter hits zero, it means we have performed another one. The next one could be yours. 

    Advice and Things to Consider When Buying A Home

    Our Client's Tell It Best: