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    Selling your home is not about price. It's about positioning.

    Pricing a home can be done through an app. Positioning a home takes strategy. 

    Let's Position My Home

    How We Work:

    Step 1. We position your home

    We don't price your home. We position it. We figure out what's more important to you, time or money?. Then, we look at what your competing against, and position you to either force them off the market, or to sell faster then them. Its 100% about strategy, not price.

    Step 2. We represent you

    We offer single agency. This means we truly represent you and have your back. We will turn the buyers upside down and shake every last penny out of their pockets to get you the highest price possible. Transaction agents can't offer this. They have to play in the middle.

    Step 3. We guide you from start to finish

    The open houses, the showings, they play a role in the process but that's not why your hiring us. Your hiring us because after 55k+ transactions, we know exactly what we are doing and what you're going through. Our job is to guide you every step of the way.

    How will you represent me? This is the #1 question you need to ask any prospective agent.

    We offer our buyers single agency. This means we represent YOU and not the transaction. Isn't that what every real estate agent does? NO. Most agents are what's called Transaction Brokers. This means they represent the transaction NOT YOU. This matters. Click each below to understand the difference.  

    Single Agency
    Transaction Broker

    During an average work day, we sell a home every 15 minutes. When this counter hits zero, it means we have sold another one. The next one could be yours. 

    Here is How We List And Sell Your Home

    Our Client's Tell It Best: