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    We Have 3 Amazing Options

    Buy A Lot & Build Your Own

    We have amazing empty lots available. Pick your favorite and custom spec your new home.

    Buy A Lot W/ A Spec Home On It

    We have several lots with beautiful, brand new homes already built and ready for you!

    Buy A Lot Now, Build Later

    This a rare opportunity to buy an undeveloped lot in MiraBay. Take advantage and build later.

    2 Key Neighborhood Updates:

    The Seawall Challenge

    There was an extensive seawall issue. It needed to be repaired and was going to be expensive. It was believed that this would result in a huge increase and charge to the homeowners. This issue has been resolved, the contractors have been hired and the money has been completely raised to cover the expense.

    The CDD Fees

    TIt was believed that the CDD fees would be raised extremely high to account for the seawall challenges. The CDD has been refinanced and as a result the CDD fees have gone DOWN from the original amount. Problem solved.

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