Have you thought about buying a home? Selling a home?
A surge is coming and here is how you can prepare:

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This pandemic is serious. There is no questioning that. But life continues to happen. This is why we continue to sell 10-20 homes a day. Furthermore, we believe a major surge is coming. As things normalize, rates will be attractive and there will be pent up demand. This combination will create a spike in buyers and sellers. So if you are even remotely considering buying or selling in the near future, now is the time to get prepared.


Have you been considering buying? That's awesome. Rates are already low and may drop even lower. That is great news. But it also means you will likely experience more competition on your dream home. Which is why you need to be prepared. Here are a few things we like to do to help make our buyers the strongest option for a seller:

  • We get you with a lender to understand your options and get you pre-approved.
  • We get to know you and exactly what you are looking for. So we are ready to pounce.
  • We write a letter from you to the potential seller. Explaining who you are and why are you buying the home.
  • We get our lender, appraiser and inspector on call, so that we can offer lower contingency periods making your offer more attractive.
I would like your help buying a home


Thinking about selling your home? This is our specialty. First, we sit with you to ensure that selling is your best option. If we determine it is, we strategically price out your home compared to the competition and your goals/timeline. Then we get an inspection done, as well as an appraisal to eliminate any and all doubts from a buyers mind. 

  • We get your home inspected. We want to know any potential issues & fix them.
  • We get an appraisal done. Why? Because your buyer will and we want to know where it will come in at. 
  • We need to address your timeline. Where are you moving to? We get you prepared to make that move.
  • We then market the home and get you massive exposure to give you the best opportunity to get your home sold.
I would like your help selling my home

For Sale By Owner

Sometimes, trying to sell your home yourself can make sense. However, after 28 years in this business we know there are some major pitfalls many For Sale By Owners fall into. So we have created a guide to help you avoid those mistakes, keep you out of legal trouble, and get your home sold. Of course, we are always here to help. The guide covers:

  • How to properly price your home using strategy and researching your competition.
  • How to market your home properly including photos, videos and exposure efforts.
  • Legal exposure and how to avoid getting into trouble by not disclosing certain things.
  • How to eliminate the concerns and doubts of potential buyers and making your home more attractive. We include our contacts to help guide you through the different aspects of selling your home and getting it ready.
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28 Years of Serving Tampa Bay:

Through our 400+ agents spread among our 8 Tampa Bay offices we have been able to have great success serving our local communities.

55,000 transactions

$12 Billion in  real estate sales

Selling 10-20 homes a day.

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